Mats for School Entrances Universities and Colleges

A school’s entrance mats are the first chance to make a good first impression, light up the entryway, and display the school’s brand and crest. Schools can use our free design service to preview the design before purchasing our indoor logo mats, which come in standard and bespoke sizes. Colleges and universities can utilize the same service to purchase high-quality and fashionable mats, which are not limited to schools. Customize the mat with your school’s colors and a welcome message that sits alongside the logo. To suit any floor type, our logo mats can be made with a smooth or grippy backing. Non-slip rubber is made entirely of nitrile that will not crack, tear, or curl at the edges.

Mats for School and College Entrances

Did you know that there were 8,669,085 kids in the UK in 2017, with an average of nearly 1,000 students per state-funded school? Because there are so many students and so many feet, proper entrance matting is essential for keeping the floors clean, dry, and safe for the students and staff.

Finding the perfect mats and matting systems for your school can be tough, especially with so many alternatives, so we at first mats have compiled a list of some of the best mats for schools and academies.

Systems for Matting

A heavy-duty commercial matting system is worth considering for any institution that has a high level of traffic all year since it will allow you to cover a wide floor area with a permanent mat installation. For a perfectly flat finish that prevents trips around the borders, Matting Systems are also available in recessed variants, which are suitable for schools and colleges.

Mats for School Entrances

Schools should employ loose lay entrance mats in addition to a strong matting system. These will collect excess dirt and water, keeping the flooring cleaner and safer to tread on. These mats can be placed around the main door (which is great in wetter weather) or other internal entrances, such as individual classrooms or the canteen.

Around the main school entrances, we recommend using a mat with a high crush resistance rating. A heavy-duty entrance mat is required since the plush pile on less durable carpets will quickly disintegrate and become ineffective. A lower crush resistance may be adequate for entrances with less regular traffic, but it will need to be updated more frequently.

Mats with logos

Schools, colleges, and universities are institutions that are proud of their names, histories, and goals. Custom rugs with logo are one of the best methods for any company to demonstrate this. This style of mat not only informs visitors of their location but also prominently shows the logo.

Indoors, logo mats with a soft pile on a rubber base are commonly found at reception areas and entrances. Because logo mats are fantastic as visual aids but may suffer in more demanding conditions, we recommend using them in conjunction with a matting system or other loose lay entrance mats to extend their life.

Mats for School Entrances in the Outdoors

Outdoor doormats should be used by schools for even more floor protection. Outdoor doormats, made of durable natural rubber, are good “scrapers,” meaning they remove stones, dirt, and mud from shoes before they enter the building. The leftover moisture is absorbed by the entrance mats.

Pathways in the Park

There are various dangers for students on school grounds one of them is the floor they walk on. The majority of the paths around the schools are solid, smooth concrete, which may become extremely slick in wet and wintery circumstances, so taking steps to make them safer is essential. Fortunately, there are a variety of matting and grit-tapes that may drastically improve floor grip in a short amount of time.

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