Traffic Control Jobs: Things You Must Know

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We have seen an increase in traffic control companies in recent years. This includes traffic controllers from many industries, including road maintenance, utility maintenance, and construction.

A steady rise in traffic controller demand has been also attributed to government-funded project .

Here are the top questions we receive about traffic control.

What Does Traffic Controller Do?

The main responsibility of a Traffic Controller is to manage traffic. But it’s more complicated than that. Continue reading! Temporary changes to the road reserve are where Traffic Controllers may be required. These changes occur mainly because of construction work, maintenance or repairs to water, gas, and electricity networks, and delivery of goods at construction sites.

The primary duty of a Traffic Controller is to direct traffic in a manner that ensures safety for all road users. This usually requires the use of a slow/stop bat. A Traffic Controller will be responsible for setting up, maintaining, and packing up road signs and barriers. You also need to review and apply a traffic guidance plan. Other duties include:

  • The project’s impact on the road network, and other road users, should be minimized.
  • You and your coworkers should create a safe work environment.
  • Report drivers who do not follow the modified road rules
  • As with any job that requires safety, managing traffic flow is a significant responsibility.

You may find yourself working from afar depending on the type of construction project you’re working on. Communication systems, such as two-way radios, will be a part of your daily activities.

How Do I Become A Traffic Controller

You will need to take a short Traffic controller course to become a Traffic Controller.

You will need a current Construction Induction card if you are working on or part of a construction site. Also known as a “White Card”, this card includes completion of the following Nationally Accredited Unified Competency.

Why Should A Traffic Controller Course Be Completed?

Section 21 Employers must provide the following:

Employees receive adequate information, instruction, training, and supervision to be able to work safely.

Traffic controllers must be properly trained and certified competent in their duties. All traffic controllers should obtain a valid Statement Of Attainment Traffic Control using Stop/Slow Bat. They should also attend a refresher course at least every three years.

What Is A Traffic Controller’s Day Like?

You will be a Traffic Controller and spend most of your time outside working in the fresh air.

Traffic Controllers spend a lot of time outdoors and on their feet. A Traffic Controller must prepare food and drinks for each day. Comfortable steel-capped boots are also essential.

Access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is also required. This includes a high-visibility vest, steel-capped shoes, pants, sunscreen, and a hard hat with the brim.

As part of a construction crew, you will be required to perform Traffic Control duties as well as other tasks. Rotating roles in the construction crew could be an option to keep you energized and allow for high concentration while performing Traffic Control duties.

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