What Are The Different Causes Of Blocked Drains?

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Blocked drains don’t make it any fun. They can have several negative consequences for homeowners and residents. No matter whether they are caused by a slow drain and eventually stop or sudden, out-of-the-blue blockages, the problem they present is the same: water needs to move but can’t.

Although each situation is different, your blocked drain plumber can tell you if you require an immediate drain cleaning of something more complex like jetting. Whatever the reason for the blockage, you can avoid them from happening again.

With that in view, today we’ll discuss the most common reasons you might have a blocked sewer. A superior drain cleaning by your drain cleaning specialists at Wilco Plumbing is required.


It is important to take every precaution to avoid hair flies from entering your drain. You can use drain screens, or be very diligent about collecting hair from your drain after every shower. It is almost certain that some kind of hair-related blockage will eventually develop in your shower drain. Even though you might be tempted, when hair blocks your drain, calling a chemical plumber is the right thing to do. These chemical drain cleaners have hidden risks that could cause damage to your pipes or your future plumbing technician. They can also cause permanent damage to your pipes.

Plant Roots

The silent threat to plumbing systems and drains is hidden and invisible. This is because you have no idea what it is and don’t know how to see it. The roots of plants need water constantly, so if your pipes aren’t clogged up they can be full of what they want. It is therefore understandable that pipes over time can be a fertile ground for root growth for plants. Some may even grow up in your house.

Root problems that are not easily treated can be detected and treated by professionals. Professional assistance is required to resolve a root problem. If your drain and sewer pipes are clogged, it is impossible to fix the problem without professional assistance. If your blocked drains start to become more complicated, you should contact professional drain cleaning services to alleviate your worries.

Grease Food Waste

You can’t just let the things you put down your drains disappear. The things we dump down our drains (e.g. cooking grease or food waste) can cause serious damage.

Whatever causes the problem in your drains, or sewers maybe, a grease blockage or food waste blockage requires drain cleaning and plumbing services. Because the sewers draw water from thousands upon thousands of kitchens, even the smallest amount, of grease and oil can buildup and clog pipes. This is why it’s important to contact a professional to determine the danger to your system.

You should not forget that garbage disposals do not remove food waste from the drain. Garbage disposals can shred solids and prevent grease from food from building up. Hot water or a dishwasher might melt the grease, pushing it further down the sink. But once it cools, it will solidify and cause a blockage in your main sewer line.

Chemicals that claim the ability to dissolve grease are temporary and will affect neighboring pipes.

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