Mascara Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Lashes

Mascara Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Lashes – Mascaras are the centrepiece of every cosmetic regimen for shaping, lengthening, or curling. They are often forgotten in the world of magical beauty products and sparkling highlighters that might damage your flawless appearance. Allow your hands to raise if you’re weary of the smudges that hurt your eyes or want to get rid of clumpy lashes. While it’s simple, most women make typical mascara blunders that harm their beautiful long lashes. If you’ve been one of the ladies who has made these blunders, now is the moment to remedy them.

Mistake #1: Using the Same Mascara for All Purposes

We understand that you want products that can handle anything; nonetheless, there are times when your favourite mascara may fall short of your mascara dreams. One error to avoid is using a single mascara to boost length, thickness, and volume. Yes, two mascaras are more effective than one! The most effective way to get flawless lashes is to layer them. Apply a layer of volumizing mascara to both lashes and let dry. Then, on top, use an extension formula.

Mistake 2 – Curling After Applying Mascara

Because some people do not use an eyelash curler, others use it after applying mascara. P.S. An eyelash curler is required. It not only shapes your lashes but also lifts them. The next best mascara technique for thick and lush lashes is to use a curler first before applying mascara. Your lashes will be too stiff to curl after the mascara has dried. Furthermore, mascara may stick to your curler, making your lashes seem unnatural.

Mistake 3: Failing to Use The Miracle Concealer

TBH You can’t get through the day with mascara smudges—the eyes are smudgy when the mascara dries. This is typical among people with long eyelashes. To fix this, wait a few seconds before opening your eyes, or use a Q-tip to clear it off if it becomes discoloured. This is why it is recommended to use a waterproof concealer to prime and cover the lids before applying mascara.

4 Mistake – Producing Too Much Product

A vital element to remember when learning how to apply mascara for beginners is to use less mascara from the wand. The thick, clumped-up substance at the end of the mascara brush might be the source of the staining on the inner of your eye. Clean and separate your lashes without fail, wiping away excess mascara from your wand with tissues. This will result in clump-free lashes in a couple of minutes.

Mistake 5: Relying Too Much on Do-It-Yourself

We’re certain that the next time you’re trapped in a mascara emulsion, you’ll turn to the DIY section. However, trying with various techniques to repair mascara may cause the formula to thicken and produce further problems. If you don’t get the desired results, choose one remedy to repair the dried mascara. Keep in mind that your eyes are the most sensitive organ in your body. Using the incorrect goods might cause harm.

Mistake 6: Excessive Wand Pumping

By avoiding this common mascara blunder, you may replace crowded lashes with tidy, distinct hair. Do not pump it in and out of the bottle with the mascara wand. As a result, the mascara dries up faster. Instead, gently move the wand in a circular motion to get the desired formula. Remove any excess before curling. When your lashes get clumpy, use a lash separator, or an old (but clean) mascara wand.

Mistake 7: You’re Applying Mascara In The Wrong Direction

The vast majority of individuals misuse mascara. They just cover the outside half of their lashes or the bottom of their top lashes. Instead of curling them upwards and upwards, try this clever mascara application approach. Apply mascara to the outer corners of your eyes in a zig-zag motion. Apply mascara to the tips of the long lashes to separate them. You may then brush them upwards. After that, you may resume to the traditional way of brushing your lashes from root to tip. This will cause hair to split and keep it from getting clumpy.

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