What to Ask a Laptop Salesman

Have you ever been at an electronics shop searching for a nice laptop when a salesman approaches you? Yes, most certainly. Do you know what questions to ask the salesman, or do you just listen to his generic sales pitch and purchase a laptop that isn’t suited for you? We should, God forbid, try to avoid such tragedies. This article includes the top 7 questions you should ask a laptop salesman in order to avoid paying for features or laptop components you don’t need.

  1. What Is In The CPU?

The CPU used by the laptop is one of the most fundamental questions that every laptop vendor must be able to answer. As you may be aware, the Intel Core 2 Duo processor was formerly the bare minimum for laptop CPUs. Anything less, and we’re looking at a (supposedly) poor-quality laptop. As a result, be sure to ask the seller about the laptop’s CPU use. And he had the finest reaction.

  1. How much memory does it have?

Another critical consideration is the amount of RAM in the laptop. Most PCs nowadays have at least 1GB of RAM, and many have far more. Check your RAM capacity since this is the basic minimum required to run Windows Vista smoothly. Anyone interested in submitting blogs or articles may go to the “Laptop Write For Us” page.

  1. What is the screen’s weight and size?

It might be difficult to determine the screen size of a laptop. Make sure to ask the salesman about the screen size of the laptop. A good laptop should be between 12 and 14 inches in size. Laptop screens for gaming or multimedia may be as big as 17 inches.

The weight of the laptop is also a significant consideration. Make sure you ask the salesperson about the weight of the laptop in addition to feeling the weight of the gadget. Is the battery pack included or not included? Such issues should be clarified.

  1. Are There Customization Options?

If you have specific needs that the laptop cannot meet, ask the dealer about customization options. For example, you may ask the salesman about increasing the RAM on the laptop by 2GB. If you love video editing, does the laptop include Firewire connectors or a card reader? These features may not be included in the conventional laptop design, but they may be available in a customised configuration.

  1. How Much Does a New Battery Cost?

If you’re anything like me, you always purchase an extra battery for your laptop. The problem is that you don’t want the laptop to run out of power while you’re on the road and don’t have access to a power outlet. So, always ask the salesperson how much an additional laptop battery costs. These are generally expensive, therefore they will increase the total cost of ownership of your computer.

  1. How Does the Warranty Work?

Another critical factor to consider is the laptop’s warranty policy. Is the machine covered by the manufacturer for a year, three years, or five years? Or do they provide a lifetime warranty? What about faulty software or dead pixels on the laptop screen? Is this covered by the warranty policy? Before you pay for the laptop, double-check these with the salesperson.

  1. What software is already installed?

We often assume that a laptop comes pre-installed with Windows Vista, Microsoft Office, and other productivity packages. This isn’t always the case. Most laptop manufacturers only install Windows Vista and do not include software such as Microsoft Office, which must be purchased separately.

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