Do You Want to Know How Does the URL Shortener Work?

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An internet tool known as a URL shortener creates a new, extremely short URL for you that is simpler to share. It is helpful not only with Twitter but also with email, SMS messages, and any other circumstance where a lengthy URL would be difficult to manage.

So, what can you actually do with a shortened URL?

URL shorteners are handy for more than just Twitter. There are numerous instances where a shorter URL is more practical.

  • Emails: Sometimes long URLs can wrap to 2 or more lines, which will make them awkward.
  • Resumes and cover letters: Any shortened URLs will always look much neater.
  • Text messages: Most of the text messages have a 160-character limit, making short URLs very essential.
  • Phones: If you have to ask someone to visit a particular webpage, a foreshortened URL will save any trouble and time.

Those are a few examples, and however, URL shorteners can always be used in anywhere where a long URL will cause problems.

How does URL shortener work?

What transpires when you employ a URL shortener will now be briefly discussed. First things first: the user fills out a form on the website of the URL shortener with his lengthy URL. The server then verifies the link and looks for potential injections after sending it.

The server now attempts to insert the supplied URL into a database. If it is successful, it will give the user a code that can be used to access the lengthy link that was previously stored in the form of a short URL. The shortened URL can now be shared by the user on a website or by another method.

Later, a different user enters the abbreviated URL into a web browser.The identifying code that will be used to obtain the lengthy URL from the database is sent to the server along with the request.

The user will be sent to the target if the resource is available. If not, he should be routed to a page that informs him that the requested URL does not exist.

Before utilising some URL shorteners, you might need to register for a free account, which might come with extra features and benefits. However, we advise utilising a service that does not require an account if you only need to shorten a few URLs.

Even some websites have their own URL shortening services. Here are a handful of the more typical ones:

  • (Twitter)
  • (YouTube)
  • (WordPress)

These specific URL shorteners do the same function as generic ones, but because they are integrated into the website, they might be a little easier to use. For instance, when you click the Share button on YouTube, a shortened URL that begins with is provided. 

A word of caution

Upper and lowercase letters, numerals, and other characters may all be used in shortened URLs. It is crucial to copy the URL precisely if you ever need to copy it manually. For instance, if a lowercase letter is used where an uppercase one should be, the link will take you to a different website.

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