How Can You Use Local Citations to Increase Your Local SEO?


The ideal strategy for companies to use to increase in-store traffic is local SEO. One of the key components of the overall local SEO strategy is local citations.

In this article, we will go over some key concepts related to local citations, such as what they are, why they are important, how to create an effective local citation strategy, etc.

What are local citations?

Some analysts view local citations as “the new link.” However, there is a distinction between the two. Links in this place are not always links. They might only consist of an address of the business and phone number.

They do validate the existence of a firm at a specific location, even though they are not necessarily a “vote” component for any given business. In doing so, they raise a relevancy of the company for a certain search.

These internet mentions of your company and related information might take many different forms. Examples of online sources that count as local citations are:

  • Google My Business
  • Local business directories
  • Various review sites
  • Local directories
  • Certain industry-specific websites, like floor coverings directories
  • Social networking pages, applications
  • Information from all over the internet

As an example, Australian directories will have all kinds of businesses and industries that are operating in Australia.

Any Australian carpet or flooring directories will contain the list of all these businesses that deals with related carpet or flooring installation businesses.

These citations help Google and other search engines in validating the information about your company. Four of the most well-known business citation directories are as follows:

The first thing you should do is submit your company to these indexes. Once indexed, the local citation functions much like a link does for organic SEO and aids in the rise of your local rankings.

The majority of infos will still be in your hands. For instance, if you submit your website to a local company directory, you can always go back and change the information you have given there.

However, some citations, like those in the local press, are outside of your control. You must pay for some local citations while others are free. Some will even request that you add a reciprocal link to their website in order to validate their claims.

Do local citations need links?

Links are not always necessary for local citations. The mere mention of your company name carries with it its own meaning.

What Google notices is that your company’s details, such as name, address, phone number, etc., are published on a website that it regards as reliable. It aids Google in validating and approving your company. Therefore, the more reliable infos of your company, the more possibility you have of seeing an increase in your local ranking.

So local citations do not take links into account? They frequently do. It does not follow that links that are not valuable just because local citations are valuable even when there are no links. Local citations with links are considerably more beneficial than those without.

With the help of this short guide, you can confidently proceed with your strategy for your own local citation building.

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