Quick Guidelines and Dos And Don’ts To Know When Investing In Art

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Many artists or art lovers see art as a medium that enables them to find themselves and lose themselves. Is that why people consider art as an investment? However, it is not the case. To people investing in art is more of a calculative decision than having a passion for art.

People can have different perspectives on buying art, but to artists like Lana Zueva, creating art is their passion. Lana Zueva herself sees art as a way of translating her feeling and uniquely expressing a piece of her. In Lana Zueva’s view, oil painting gives an in-depth colour transformation and has the flexibility for creating unique masterpieces. You can always spot the uniqueness and distinction in her artwork like Sparkles-Ocean Breeze oil painting, Sunny Kitten oil painting, and an apple oil painting.

Many people look upon art as an investment that will yield a handsome return for them in time to come and they are absolutely right. It does so. So, here is a quick guideline and what to do and not to do when investing in art.

Guidelines for buying art as an investment

When it comes to investing in art, the guidelines are simple.

  • Invest in young emerging artists
  • start small
  • focus on one category
  • Keep updated on the latest trends
  • be firm when negotiating

What to do and not to do when investing in art?

When people talk about how they can start collecting art, the advice they hear the most is just doing it. However, it can be complex for people who are just beginners. The wise advice for a beginner is to do some reading and visit gallery before making their choice. You can also follow the following do’s and don’ts.


  • Select an art piece with a story beauty is not the key aspect
  • Understand the story behind the art piece and the artist
  • Pick an artwork you can admire for long
  • Select an art piece that triggers your dreams and emotions
  • Buy from the emerging young artists
  • choose a work of art for your kids


  • Don’t follow the crowd while selecting artwork
  • Don’t go for art that merges into the backdrop of your wall
  • Don’t bother about understanding the art

Always remember, buying art is a long term investment option. You have to be patient, and you will get the return. Do your research properly before buying an art piece. You must make sure to verify the origin of the artwork.

Do not just follow what the auction house or the dealer says to you. If possible, try to connect with the artists. Clearing all your doubt before investing in art is the key. Do not hesitate to ask questions.

Ask as many as you have from the auction house or dealer about the artwork. Go ahead with the purchase only after clearing all your queries and doubts. Investing in art is entirely different from monetary investment. If you have patience to hold your purchase for as long as it takes to get the right price, you are mentally ready. Only then you should invest in art.

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