An Important Beginner’s Guide To Essential Spearfishing Gear

Spearfishing is a thrilling underwater activity that allows enthusiasts to hunt fish using a speargun while free diving. For those new to the sport, navigating the world of spearfishing gear can seem overwhelming. From selecting the right wetsuit to choosing the appropriate speargun, having the proper equipment is essential for both safety and success. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll walk you through the essential gear you’ll need to get started on your spearfishing journey in Australian waters.

1. Wetsuit

One of the most crucial pieces of gear for any spearfisher is a high-quality wetsuit. In Australian waters, where temperatures can vary greatly depending on the region and season, a wetsuit provides thermal protection and helps to maintain body temperature during extended dives. Opt for a wetsuit made from neoprene material with a thickness appropriate for the conditions you’ll be diving in. A 3mm to 5mm wetsuit is well-suitable for most Australian waters, but thicker suits may be necessary in colder regions.

2. Mask, Snorkel, And Fins

A comfortable and well-fitting mask is essential for clear vision underwater, while a snorkel allows you to breathe while floating on the surface between dives. Look for a low-volume mask with a soft silicone skirt for a snug and comfy fit. Pair your mask with a snorkel that has a purge valve for easy clearing. Additionally, invest in a pair of quality fins designed specifically for spearfishing. Long-blade fins provide efficient propulsion through the water, allowing you to conserve energy during dives.

3. Speargun

With spearfishing, the speargun is the main weapon used for underwater fish hunting. Pneumatic, band-powered, and roller guns are just a few of the available speargun varieties. Due to its simplicity of usage and upkeep, a basic band-powered speargun is advised for novices. For the kind of fish you plan to target and the visibility levels in your diving location, select a speargun length that works for you. It is advisable to become acquainted with the applicable local laws concerning the size and handling of spearguns.

4. Weight Belt

Maintaining proper buoyancy is essential for safe and efficient diving. By counteracting the buoyancy of your wetsuit and equipment, a weight belt enables you to achieve neutral buoyancy underwater. Start with a lightweight belt and experiment with different amounts of weight until you find the right balance for your body composition and diving conditions. Be sure to distribute the weights evenly around your waist for optimal comfort and stability.

5. Dive Knife

A dive knife is a crucial safety tool that can be used in emergencies to cut through tangled lines or free yourself from obstacles underwater. Select a diving knife that fits snugly inside a sheath that is easy to fasten to your weight belt or diving harness, and has a sharp stainless steel blade. It’s essential to practice proper knife handling techniques and familiarize yourself with local regulations regarding dive knife usage.

6. Dive Watch Or Dive Computer

Monitoring your dive time and depth is essential for staying safe underwater. A dive watch or dive computer allows you to track your dive parameters, including elapsed time, maximum depth, and remaining bottom time. Invest in a reliable dive watch or computer with features suited to your skill level and diving preferences. Remember to regularly check and maintain your dive watch or computer to ensure accurate and reliable performance.

7. Catch Bag Or Stringer

Once you’ve successfully speared a fish, you’ll need a way to secure it while continuing your dive. A catch bag or stringer allows you to store your catch safely and securely until you return to the surface. Select a catch bag or stringer that is built to last and can resist the rigours of submerged use. Be sure to check local regulations regarding catch limits and species restrictions to ensure compliance with fishing regulations.


As you embark on your spearfishing journey, having the right gear is essential for both safety and success underwater. By investing in high-quality equipment and familiarizing yourself with proper techniques and regulations, you can enjoy the thrill of spearfishing while exploring the stunning underwater world of Australia’s coastlines. Always put safety and consideration for the maritime environment first, and have fun hunting!

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